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Staying Alive in the Job Search

Staying Alive in the Job Search John Travolta’s character, Tony Manero, in Saturday Night Fever and Staying Alive exuded perseverance and tenacity in the pursuit of a dancers seat.  He proved that if an individual aligns their personal talent with their natural personality that the impossible becomes possible.  In Staying Alive, audience members watched Tony […]

The Truth: What It’s Really Like to Work in Human Resources

In many careers, you have an idea of what to expect before getting into it. No one ever wonders what exactly a police officer or accountant does, but that is not the case with HR. We do not generally produce a physical product, we do a lot of work behind the scenes, and we often […]

13 Ways HR Can Leverage Social Media (Part 1)

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking to a 400-level social media class back at my alma mater. It was so much fun interacting with this class that—in my next career—I’d love to be a college professor. We spent an hour talking about 13 ways that HR can strategically and tactically leverage social media. […]

Your Biggest Mistake As A Manager

“But why wouldn’t he just tell me he needed more time off? I would have worked with him.”  “Why wouldn’t someone just say ‘how do I get a bigger bonus’ instead of quitting?”   The quotes above are real quotes and crystallize a bias that many managers have at some point in their careers: assuming people are just like […]