How To Find Clients For Your Recruiting Business (Part 1)

How To Find Clients For Your Recruiting Business (Part 1)   Do you own a contingency search firm? Do you develop business for a search firm? If so, this long blog post is meant for you. However, if you are tasked with finding new business leads in any industry, the advice herein may still be […]

Leaders Guide to Identifying & Nuturing Relationships

When a relationship has a powerful effect on something really important to you, it’s a vital relationship, and one that is central to your success and well-being. These relationships need extra attention and care. When you look around for your most significant relationships and pull them into focus, you can start to pick out the […]

Will Gamification Play a Future in HR?

The writers of the Futurist Blog published a list of 7 trends that they feel will gain strength in 2014. They are interesting and include a very stimulating discussion of a fourth way of feminism which will arise in 2014. That however is not my topic, I will leave that to a post by someone […]

LinkedIn just bought Bright

Bright’s team and technology to help LinkedIn connect talent with opportunity Mountain View, Calif. — February 6, 2014 — LinkedIn, (NYSE:LNKD), the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with approximately 277 million members worldwide, today announced it agreed to acquire Bright, a company that leverages data insights and matching technology to connect prospects and […]