3 Reasons Why Recruiters Should Check References

Regardless of how time consuming and frustrating checking references can be, they are an important part of the hiring process. In today’s post, we will look at why taking the time to call and email a candidate’s references and past employers is a good practice. 3 Reasons Recruiters Should Check References Confirm the Veracity of […]

How to Avoid Workplace Complainers & Energy Drainers (Part 2)

We touched the surface in the first part of this series last week on how each of us operates in a Superhero or Supervillian mode as a recruiter.  Linda Swindling, influence and negotiation strategist teaches us how to avoid the Top 5 energy drainers.  In blog II, she shares with us how to define each […]

One in Five Organizations Hiring for HR, SHRM’s Survey Shows

First HR Jobs Pulse Survey: 37% of HR professionals likely to start a job search One in Five Organizations Hiring for HR ALEXANDRIA, Va. — More than one-third of human resource professionals plan to seek new employment in the near future, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) said today in its first HR Jobs […]

10 Epic Job Seeker & Work Centric Super Bowl Ads

Tonight’s Super Bowl ad from GoDaddy where Gwen resigns from her job as an engineering machinist in front of 100 million people had me thinking about the number of job search and work-related Super Bowl ads from year’s past. 10 Epic Job Seeker & Work Centric Super Bowl Ads Here are 10 of my favorite […]