How to Avoid Workplace Complainers & Energy Drainers (Part 1)

The New Global Economy – Finding Motivating and Productive Talent In the past six years, all of us have experienced the global economic turmoil through layoffs, salary cuts, perpetual unemployment, and have now settled into the new economic norm.  Are we happy with all the changes?  Frock no!  In order to survive, we have been […]

How to Enter In HR Recertification Credits Into HRCI

Access on-demand SHRM and HRCI certified courses online with LEARN by Workology. LEARN makes HR recertification easy. Click here. Last week (January 20th), HRCI launched an updated version of their HRCI recertification database and system. For certified HR professionals like myself, I we are required to enter and submit our educational, work related and other […]

Show Enthusiasm and Appreciation while Networking for an Internship

I recently connected a college junior with a new business associate who is also a local employer. This particular young lady, Julie, is the daughter of my good friend Barbara.  The most important thing I try to do as a connector is find a great match. You may be the connector ( like me) or […]