Generation Y: Maybe we can’t always brag our way through life…

What right do I have preaching to the next generation of workers that they’re in for a reality check once they land their first job? Every right. I’m a Millennial. I was born in 1990 and have had my hands on electronics for as long as I can remember. For us, exploring the jungles of […]

How to Use #Selfie in Corporate Culture

Selfie was named word of the year and millennials are blowing up newsfeeds with these glorious, self indulgent pictures.  As HR we can harness their pictures and incorporate these pics into a recruiting campaign.  Here are this chicks thoughts on incorporating duck lips into your recruiting strategy. How popular are selfies If you are bored […]

Niche Job Boards Can be Nice

I am not normally a fan of job boards because I gravitate towards networking and relationship building to find opportunities of any kind. My tool of choice is LinkedIn. However, the fact remains that there are times when you may need to use a job board in your search. Not all companies, recruiters or hiring […]