A Future Focus: A Generation of Entrepreneurs

A generation of entrepreneurs? Yes, in a short 11 years from now 75% of the workforce will be Millennials. So far only 7% of them have worked for a Fortune 500 company. They have had a tough time getting work and that experience has prepared them to entrepreneurs and you may have a hard time […]

The Unveiling: Determining the Alphas and Omegas During a Panel Interview

Panel interviews can intimidate the unprepared candidate and be the interview of choice for the prepared candidate.  Individuals must have high attention to details in both verbal and nonverbal communications during the panel interview process.  Think of the panel interview as an opportunity to gain insight on the company culture and team dynamics.  This is […]

3 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Recruitment Advertisements More Effective

When was the last time you drove at length and did not see a billboard? Drive 95 south through North Carolina and you’ll see some of my favorite ticky-tacky outdoor ads for South of the Border. America’s highways and by-ways seem almost littered with outdoor advertising. And, ever since I started working on recruitment billboards, […]

How to Measure Employee Engagement & Happiness at Work

It’s easy for me to understand why we want to be fulfilled and engaged in our work. We like to feel warm fuzzies when we meet goals, surpass expectations, and if we’re competitive, we like winning. I don’t just like winning; I love it. I have a bit of a competitive streak so I always […]

How Internships Can Benefit Veterans

Over one million young American men and women are in the process of leaving the military between 2011 and 2016.  They all enlisted for different reasons, but many did so in hopes of getting a college degree after their military service commitment was completed. American college campuses are now adjusting to this influx of unique […]