Out Now: Episode 415: Registered Apprenticeship Programs in the Clean Energy Sector With Dr. Janell Hills

Supporting Managers on Corrective Action

How many times have you received a call from a manager wanting to fire an employee? They tell you that they’ve had it. The employee has been late 15 times in the last month. As HR professionals, we are programmed to ask the same questions: Have you written up the employee? Or, do you have […]

Recapping #humanvsmachine Week at @Blogging4Jobs

Human Vs Machines This past week we hosted a Human Vs. Machine week with our wonderful sponsor 1-Page. Find out what the 1-Page Social Cloud-based Communication Platform can do to fix the communication inefficiencies within and outside organizations. As the week comes to an end we wanted to highlight our favorite blogs that covered the important […]

Smile, You’re In HR!

For those of us working in office buildings, we often find ourselves bumping into familiar faces of coworkers on a regular basis. Be it in the cafeteria while filling the coffee cup, in the hallway on the way to a meeting, or meandering through the cube farms. On occasion we nod and smile, wave, or […]