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Human Vs Machines

This past week we hosted a Human Vs. Machine week with our wonderful sponsor 1-Page. Find out what the 1-Page Social Cloud-based Communication Platform can do to fix the communication inefficiencies within and outside organizations. As the week comes to an end we wanted to highlight our favorite blogs that covered the important topic Human vs. Machine.

Candidate Engagement: Breaking Out of the Bad Hiring Machinery! Breaking out of the bad hiring machinery is much easier than you think. Learn how to in this guest post by the CEO of TalentCircles, Marylene Delbourg Delphis. Read more.

Workplace Technology & Automation But Please in Moderation. We understand that workplace technology is a must for companies to be successful, but learning to practice moderation is smart. Read more

Do Your Tech Solutions Engage or Disengage Your Customers? Do we utlize technology to the extent that there is no more need for human interaction? Is this necessarily the best for business? Read more

Computers Everywhere: What Might the HR Department Look Like? What is the HR department going to look like in the future once technology reigns supreme? Here are Mike H’s predictions…what are yours? Read more

Key to Killer Social Business is Great People. Understanding how to grow a social business is essential. Our resident branding expert shows us the keys to a great social business is simply great people. Learn more

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Special thanks to this week’s theme sponsor, 1 Page Proposal. Learn more about their revolution of Human vs. Machine by clicking here or by visiting the hash tag on Twitter #humanvsmachine.

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