Is Microsoft dumping IE for Firefox?

Is Microsoft dumping IE for Firefox? I was doing a few searches on Google, found what I wanted and then popped over to Bing to find a bit more. I was more than surprised when I saw a certain fox on the cover of the search engine. Immediately, I began to speculate. (See below)   […]

Landing Your First Job Without Previous Experience

When looking for a job, one line on the listing stops recent college graduates in their job-hunting tracks – “Required: X years of work experience.” Of course employers want you to have experience in the work force if they’re going to hire you. Employers want to make sure you have the skills and abilities necessary […]

No More Wack-a-Mole Management

Ever since they were little, my kids have always loved the wack-a-mole games at the arcade. They get total joy and elation from putting a token in the game, grabbing that hammer and wacking away at the little creatures who pop up randomly from the holes on the board. They could play for hours and […]