Do you Work in a Cult Compound?

What if you could have everything you needed in life… at work? Comfortable couches, fitness centers, dry cleaning, concierge service, cafes and restaurants, sleep rooms, daycare, ping pong, beer fridge…sounds nice, right? With all of those perks and amenities, why would you ever need to LEAVE the office? Do you Work in a Cult Compound? […]

#HRTechConf Exclusive: Vegas & VIP Go Together Like Cigars and Whiskey

It Feels Good to Be a VIP at the HR Technology Conference in 2013 Every year I comb the web looking for parties, meet ups and cocktail hours hosted during the HR Technology Conference. I love the conference and am a believer that the after hours events are just as important as the sessions, expo […]

Identifying Company Culture Killers

Crimes against company culture. I refer to the offense as involuntary manslaughter when organizations take actions that threaten their own culture. There is no malice aforethought when it comes to corporate culture; I merely don’t think that many people get out of bed in the morning and go to work with the specific aim to […]

5 Reasons Your Resume is Getting Overlooked by Potential Employers

When hunting for a job, the repetitive rejection can be discouraging enough. But when you constantly fail to garner the interest from employers about jobs for which you know you are qualified, then it may be time to take another look at your application process. And the best place to start is your resume. 5 […]