Three Degrees HR Should Consider Hiring for the HR Department

Find Out The Future Degree Requirements for HR Department: Sociology, Statistician, Marketing

In the “olden” days of human resources, even before it was called human resources, there was no specific degree for entry into the field. Most people “fell in to” the profession. As the profession changed and took on greater importance a degree program developed at universities and people became “degreed HR”. That gave them some […]

The Top 5 Reasons Why Flexible Workers Rock [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Benefits of Hiring Temps & Telecommuters

If you’re an employer looking to fill those coveted jobs, you probably target the same types of candidates. But there’s a whole other section of the workforce you may be overlooking and they’re growing at a rapid pace: Flexible workers. So, what’s so great about them in the first place? And how can they help […]

1/4 of Companies Offer Workplace Sabbaticals. Why You Should Too

The mysteries of Workplace Sabbaticals & Benefits for Employee Retention & Growth

My Work Sabbatical & Digital Detox I recently did something that only the bravest men and women dare to do in our day and age. It was wild and unprecedented and took a great deal of self-control to see it through. I put down my smart phone, shut my laptop when I was finished working […]

Job Seeking Classes: Should You Take One?

Tips for Effective Job Hunting Strategies

Finding a job requires a full-time job. Even more arduous and stressful than a challenging day at work can be sending out resumes and playing the waiting game. Believe it or not, there are experts who offer lessons on job hunting, which can be of great assistance. The ability to make a resume stand out, […]