PODCAST: How Apple Works with Telecommuters (…and how you can too!)

How Apple works with telecommuters

I was fortunate enough to chat with Ashley Verrill, an Analyst for Software Advice and the Managing Editor for the Customer Service Investigator. (She is also a contributor to TechCrunch, GigaOM and CIO.com.) The topic of our chat? Telecommuting. Ashley wrote a fascinating article on Techcrunch about how Apple motivates its teleworkers (excuse me, At-Home […]

My Career is Stuck

How to Conduct a Career Assessment and Implement Development Strategies

My Career is Stuck Its back to school time and I’ve been watching all the photos in my feed of kids with new lunchboxes and big smiles as they get ready for their first day of school. The great thing about school is that the curriculum is laid out for you. You know what is […]

Let’s Play the Recruiting & Hiring Manager Blame Game

The Importance of HR Metrics in Hiring and Recruiting

The use of recruiting and HR as your employee performance scapegoats is no more. I’m tired of being thrown under the bus. The blame game lies with the misunderstanding of HR, Recruiting, and the expectations that are set. Yes, there are crappy recruiters out there, but there are good ones as well. If I don’t […]

Can Your Credit Score Negatively Affect Your Job Search?

Tips for Improving Your Credit Score for Job Search Success.

The Internet has made it a simple process to do background checks on anyone of interest. Whether you just met someone and plan to begin a relationship or you are applying for a job, there’s a good chance your online reputation will soon be under review. What’s more, if you are applying for a job, […]