Making Connections: Networking Tips for Extroverts

Best Practices for Extrovert Networking

Extroverts appear to have an advantage when it comes to networking, at least on the surface. Their innate propensity for making relationships and approaching strangers seems ideal for gatherings like conferences and job fairs. Extroverts are known for their gregariousness and propensity to dominate conversations, yet these traits can occasionally backfire. For advice on how […]

Project Management: The Hole In Your Kids’ Education

Knowledge Overrated, Skill Development, Self-Directed Learning,

Four years ago, my friend Kris Reynolds was exasperated. He had just spent hours helping his daughter study for a states and capitals test. After ten torturous rounds of flash cards, she had had enough. “Why do I have to know this?!” she whined.  Kris gave it some thought. “You don’t.” he answered. Since that […]