You Can’t Automate the Human Being. Bring Back the Human in HR & Recruiting

A healthy existence is all about finding balance. In order to maintain a happy medium, both individuals and businesses must be adaptable and confident in who they are. This is true whether we are looking for balance in our professional or personal life. I adore the power of smartphones, computers, and automation because I work […]

How to Create a Corporate Culture of Innovation

If you want your company to be innovative, you need a support system for innovation. Seems a little obvious, right? Maybe not. This Global Innovation 1000 study shows that one key thing innovative companies have in common is a culture that supports innovation. However, only half of the companies surveyed have this kind of culture. Wow. Here’s what the study […]

Utilizing Pinterest to Enhance Your Job Search

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Technology is becoming a more integral part of job seekers’ efforts to land the right job. A complete, well-written profile on LinkedIn is important, as is maintaining a professional reputation on Twitter and Facebook. Although many people use Pinterest to pin images of personal interest on their virtual pinboards, this social media venue has also […]