Utilizing Pinterest to Enhance Your Job Search

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Technology is becoming a more integral part of job seekers’ efforts to land the right job. A complete, well-written profile on LinkedIn is important, as is maintaining a professional reputation on Twitter and Facebook. Although many people use Pinterest to pin images of personal interest on their virtual pinboards, this social media venue has also become a place that can be used to enhance a person’s job search.

Professional use of Pinterest can effectively assist an individual in developing their personal brand, creating a portfolio, and gaining exposure. Similar to personal use etiquette, it’s important that the job-seeking Pinterest user follow Pinterest’s social media guidelines, while also being mindful not to cross the line back into personal use habits.

For those who want to use Pinterest to enhance their job searches, these tips can help.

Job seekers can get their foot in the door by using Pinterest as a promotional tool.

Pinterest Use Tips for Job Seekers

1. Create a Professional Account.

People who already have a personal Pinterest account would be smart to create a separate one for professional use. Mixing both can lead to lost credibility and lack of focus.

2. Determine and Build the Right Brand.

Businesses build a brand that creates a mood, thought, and reputation that consumers associate with the company. Job seekers can do the same by pinning images and infographics that tell potential employers who they are and what they bring to the table.

3. Keep Up with Industry Trends.

Staying on the cutting edge of the industry can give job seekers a leg up on the competition. Users should follow the boards of companies, individuals, and organizations viewed as leaders in the industry.

4. Promote Your Work.

Pinterest can serve as a portfolio of sorts where users can promote examples of their work for potential employers to see.

5. Learn More About Potential Employers.

By following the pins and boards of potential employers, job seekers can learn more about the companies they want to work for and how to get noticed by them.

6. Establish a Resume Board.

Pinterest is an excellent way for a job candidate to have potential employers see his or her resume. This is especially true when it comes to companies that only accept resumes at certain times of the year.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that can help enhance the efforts of job seekers.

Move Ahead of the Competition with Pinterest

The exposure and credibility a job seeker can gain through Pinterest will help them move ahead of the competition. Hiring businesses will take notice and pay attention to new information the job seeker shares through their pins. Although Pinterest likely won’t be the main social media venue an individual uses to find a job, it can be an important part of the puzzle.

Whenever social media venues like Pinterest are used by a job seeker, it’s important to create reciprocal relationships with companies and others in the community. Users shouldn’t expect other Pinterest members to repin their pins if he or she don’t use the “Repin” option to share the images others post. The Pinterest community is built on etiquette and reciprocity; a team-spirited job seeker will be able to reach more people by becoming the kind of member who is willing to give and take.

Are you ready to pin your way to success?

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