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Frequency & Quality Drives Employee Engagement Through Communication

Building Strong Communication in the Workplace

As employers, we spent between 2-5 times an employee’s annual salary recruiting, courting and selecting them before they even set foot in our office as an employee. Unfortunately, the communication and engagement often ends just when our workforce needs it most, and that’s after onboarding when they become a fully productive and functioning employee. When […]

Facebook Hash Tags Don’t & Won’t Revolutionize #SocialRecruiting

Facebook Hashtags for Recruitment

Last week Facebook announced it’s addition of hash tags to the number 1 social networking site on the planet. This isn’t a new phenomenon since nearly every other social networking site including Instagram, Vine, Twitter and Google+ offer hyperlink hash tags as a way to engage, surf and connect with individuals under the same topic. […]

What to Wear on a Job Interview: Do You Really Know What’s Right?

A Guide to Appropriate Interview Attire

What to Wear on a Job Interview A friend of mine is a manager at a Silicon Valley firm who recently added a new member to his team. During the hiring process, he was shocked to see one job seeker show up for the interview in jeans and a T-shirt. My friend’s workplace is pretty […]