Incentive Programs for the Hourly Workforce

We all know cash is a great way to reward people for their hard work but there are other simple things you can offer as a company to get your employees motivated. In retail where the workforce is 50% part-time and 95% hourly, organizations are constantly trying to come up with fun ideas to engage […]

2 Issues In Workplace Arbitration HR Needs to Know

SCOTUS Ruling on Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements

Class action arbitration has been in the news the last week with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) weighing in and rendering a decision that has implications for employers. So here are two issues in arbitration agreements HR needs to know about. The case The actual case that was reviewed had nothing to […]

10 Characteristics of a Social Leader

Qualities of a Social Leader in Business

On June 14, I had the great fortune to attend the Working Mother Media 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Summit on the Business of Social Media in New York City. The sessions were as informative as they were engaging, the panelists were bright, driven and compelling, and the networking opportunities were fantastic. Here are some key […]