HR Issues in Retail

Challenges Faced by HR Professionals in the Retail Industry

I received a call yesterday from a manager and I was immediately reminded why I chose to write this topic. As the manager explained the situation, my initial response was, “An employee did what?!” HR Issues in Retail Oh man, employee’s in the retail industry never cease to surprise and amaze me. Whether they get […]

Twitter: A Practical, How-to Starter Guide for HR Leaders & Corporate Recruiters

Mastering Twitter for Recruiting

Tweet, tweet, tweet! Did you know that more than one billion tweets are sent every two to three days? Twitter is a leading social network through which companies and recruiters advertise jobs, source and engage candidates, and elevate their employment brands. This microblogging site challenges users to share content via140 characters. When utilized properly, it […]

Human Resources Should Bet on Business and Money to Drive Results

Understanding the Financial Impact of ACA Taxes and Fees on Employers

What can YOU do to bring YOURSELF and HR to the forefront in your organization?  This question is posed over and over in different fashion or formats, but the underlying premise remains the same (what can I/we do to make HR more relevant?) I tend to have a default answer to this question, and it […]