Tips for Evaluating Your Employees and Keeping Them Motivated

Using Strengths to Improve Performance

I was reviewing some notes from a book that I found to be inspirational. Alan Weiss wrote a book called Thrive! Stop Wishing Your Life Away. I think one of his tips is particularly valuable and makes an excellent tip for evaluating employees. Strengths According to Alan “We all grow by exploiting STRENGTHS not by […]

4 Keys Leaders Need to Sell Themselves and Their Ideas

Effective Communication Strategies for Leaders

There was a time long ago and far away when leaders would speak and employees would take their marching orders, salute and get the job done. Many organizations have leaders who seem stuck in that state of mind. Time has moved on and they still wonder why their people “haven’t gotten the memo.” (A leader […]

Top 5 Workplace Blogs This Week

Matched Series Top 5 Blog Posts

Top 5 Workplace Blogs of the Week for Mar 14 – 20th I’m not really sure what we can call this week’s edition of the blog. I did just finish the second book in my series so I will call this the Matched Series top 5 blog posts! Candidate Matching! Stretch? Probably. Anyway, have you read any […]

People Are Supposed to Be Good

The Heartbreak of Betrayal

Excuse me if I get a little emotional this morning. I woke up hearing everything that is going on in Boston and the manhunt being ensued. Today also happens to be the 18th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings where I happen to live. I feel violated, defenseless and just sad. People are supposed to […]