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How To Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Tips for Improving Style and Avoiding Common Pitfalls

A few weeks ago, I wrote about grammatical errors that can make you look bad to the important people at work who care about such things.  Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are important mostly because people THINK they’re important. They are not intrinsically, practically, or morally important, despite the protestations of your 9th grade English teacher. […]

Video, Vine, Social Campaigning: One Grad’s Quest to Land a Job

A Job Seeker's Creative Approach to Finding Employment in Digital Marketing

Billboards. Sandwich boards. Ebay. Amazon. Once in a while, a job seeker does something so wildly different that it draws much attention to him- or herself. Then amidst the media attention, some of these non-traditional tactics end up working. But, why do some people go to such extremes to be seen in the first place? […]