Topgrading Your Sucky Boss

Topgrading Your Sucky Boss

It happens to the best of us. We make a career move and are so excited about what the new position will bring. The new office, new duties and new opportunities cause a new-job adrenaline to course through our veins. Then, without warning, it all comes to a screeching halt when we find a fatal flaw in […]

What is Human Capital?

Understanding the Value of Human Capital: The Heart of Business Success

When it comes to the discussion of employees and your workforce, the words “human capital” shouldn’t be far behind. Managers and leaders throw around statements like, “Are people are our most valuable asset,” and “Our key competitive difference is our people.” And yet, few companies actually mean what they say and do what they say. […]

Common Tech Resume Mistakes

Common Resume Mistakes: Lack of Focus, Length, Big Blocks of Text, Repeated Technologies and Weak Verbs & Passive Voice

I review many technical resumes each week, and they span the horrible-great continuum. However, most tend to be in the range of average to quite poor. One I reviewed recently struck me as a prime example of what would constitute horrible. So I thought it appropriate to write a blog covering some of the common […]