A Working Mom Leans In and Steps Up

Juggling Work and Life

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been in Fort Worth, San Francisco and NYC. As a single mom of twin 15-year-old boys, I’m fairly adept at juggling business meetings, but this has been the most intense travel schedule in the last three years. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a melt down in my household. […]

Attracting Rockstar Interns With a Great Program

How To Create Internship Programs The help Prepare One For the Workplace

Don’t forget about our newest webinar, 7 Best Intern and College Recruiting Best Practices! March 14 at 11AM CST. Register Now! Do you have what it takes to attract rockstar talent?  College students want internships to help them fully prepare for the workplace and gain new skills and contacts. You will want to develop and […]

Some Great Recruiters are Born. Others are Made.

recruiters, self made, communication

Some great recruiters are born, but others can be made … and we all have opportunities to improve. If you are looking for ways to become better at your profession, I say, “Kudos to you!” But, where to start? With more than 11 million search results on Google for “how to be a better recruiter,” […]

Learning a Second Language Pays Off in Your Career

Why you Should Learn a New Language

Parlez-vous français? Habla espanol? On Twitter, @aboutworldlangs  featured an article last year: “ Americans can earn 20% more an hour by learning a second language.” In the face of the culturally diverse world, language trends are too important to ignore. De facto (Latin reference!) bilingual or trilingual status is present in eight U.S. states. Spanish was […]