Are Cyborg & Human Augmentation a Reasonable Accomodation?

Human Augmentation as Reasonable Acommodation

I am pretty certain two questions popped into your mind as you read this title. First, what the heck is “human augmentation” and second, what do you mean “reasonable accommodation”? In this post of a look to the future: human augmentation as reasonable accommodation I will answer both questions. What is Human Augmentation? Human augmentation has been […]

Non-Competes Are the Best Kept Secret to Retaining Your Employees

Non - Competes As A Protection Tool

A non-compete has become a crucial component of the technology industry in light of the expanding economy and the daily introduction of new technologies. Non-compete agreements are crucial to maintaining a competitive edge and aid in discouraging employee espionage in those states that permit restrictive covenants. A non-compete is your strongest line of protection against […]

Why the Résumé is Still a Critical Element in Your Job Search

Reasons Why Resumes are The Most Critical in Your Job Search

As a job seeker, it is easy to get swayed by all “the résumé is dead” kind of posts you see online. Adding to that the differences of what is taught in many of the universities and technical colleges today about what a résumé is and should look like adds to the job seeker’s confusion […]

5 Surprising Work Changes that Can Increase Your Productivity

employee productivity, work productivity, workplace, changes

Everybody knows some tips that can make them more productive—“remove distractions,” “get organized,” and even “use an ergonomic chair” are so familiar now that they are almost clichés.   5 Surprising Work Changes that Can Increase Your Productivity   But that doesn’t mean that you know everything. The following five changes that can increase your […]