What You Need to Know About Inappropriate Interview Questions

Some Interview Questions Can Be Inappropriate

Some common questions I get from hiring managers are which questions you can “legally” ask and which ones you can’t.  Most are shocked when I say that you can legally ask any question… only to see disappointment on their face when I say “…you just can’t discriminate based on the answer, so it’s best not to ask.” What’s […]

5 New Ways to Recruit & Hire Using Twitter’s Improved Platform

Twitter for HR & Marketing

On a busy day, Twitter sees about 175 million tweets and about 300,000 new visitors on a daily basis. With numbers like these you’d be out of your mind not to consider Twitter as a viable source for recruiting and sourcing candidates. In recent years Twitter has boosted it’s search functions to make the job […]

7 Tips When Relocating & Looking for a Job Far, Far Away

Looking for a Job in Another State

Relocating to a new city and beginning a job search is definitely a challenge. I should know.  My family and I as we speak are planning our relocation to the San Francisco Bay area.  While I’m self-employed as is my husband, there are challenges especially when pitching new clients in the area as I prepare to move. […]