Having a Lazy Employee Is Your Fault

How not to label employees as lazy

Dear Managers, I’m tired of you labeling your employee as a”lazy employee”  First off, it’s name-calling and in some cases (where it goes too far) it could be constituted as bullying.  Do you have an employee that’s not cutting the mustard?  Try out these tips below: Tip #1:  Stop Calling Them Lazy So maybe you’re not calling […]

50 Reasons Why the World of Work Needs Blogs (in HR)

10 creative blog post ideas

The World of Work Needs an HR Blog HR and the world of work needs blogs.  Don’t believe me, check out these 40 HR bloggers and influencers who are driving change and conversations in HR starting with their blogs.  During 2011, 70 million new blogs were registered on WordPress alone; as of the end of […]