Ten Ways to Deal with Difficult Co-workers and a Terrible Work Environment

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“If life give you lemons, keep them. Because hey, free lemons.” If you’ve been reading my posts on Workology, you might accuse me of being a Pollyanna. You know that annoying co-worker who always looks on the bright side of life? The one who tells you to take a problem to your boss when your […]

How Not to Get Fired After Any Holiday Party

Sexual Harassment is Number 1 Termination Reason at Office Holiday Parties The holiday season is upon us and the magic is in the air.  Employees are eager with anticipation for a chance to let loose at the upcoming holiday party for your workplace while managers including HR are anxiety ridden. While employees plot spiking the […]

Employers Provide Too Little Time Off and Employee Leave

Time Off Polices at Work

As people take time off around the holidays we in HR tend to think of how much time people are taking. Sometimes you may think that people are getting too much. But I have to admit that I was floored when I read an article about the amount of time employers are giving off in […]

Does Candidate Experience Matter

Great Candidate Interview Experience

Does Candidate Experience Matter   Even the best marketing campaign can’t make up for a poor candidate experience. Think about it, you’ve interviewed with a company and had a horrendous experience. Now every time you come across marketing for that company, you shake your head and think “yeah, right!” And like most of us, you’ve […]