LinkedIn Users Can Now Call Each Other for Free

Free Calls On LinkedIn

Farewell, phone numbers. Plingm, the Swedish mobile VoIP app, takes the innovation lead on smartphone communication and introduces free phone calls for LinkedIn’s 151 million users. Without a single digit, Plingm users with an iPhone can call their own contacts on LinkedIn directly. Across the world, LinkedIn has more than 151 million LinkedIn users. Thanks […]

Female Facial Hair: Say ‘NO’ to the ‘MO’

female, facial hair, hygiene, career

If you are a woman with naturally dark hair or are over 40, you have a mustache. Not might.  Not maybe.  You have a woman mustache. If you were a man, you might be able to pull off that fu manchu.  But, you have a woman mustache, and both professionally and personally, your female facial […]

Why Your Employees Hate the Christmas Holiday

Work Related Holiday Stress

Merry Bleepin‘ Christmas? It’s December.  The end of the year. The most festive time of the year.  The holiday season.  The time of the year when – inevitably – I wound up uttering a phrase that brings out gasps among my co-workers. I hate Christmas. Work Related and Holiday Stress I don’t hate it because […]

Women Get Paid Less Than Men

Equal Pay Among Different Gender

Women Get Paid Less Than Men It is almost the year – 2013. Are women getting paid at the same rate as men? Check out the data below to see for yourself?

Can Working Remotely Reduce Flu in Your Workplace?

Remote Workers Reduce Likelihood of Spreading The Flu

Who wants to be next to that person in the office who can’t stop coughing and sneezing? Avoid the germs and dodge the sneezing by working remote! The flu season last year was the mildest on record, with historically low hospitalization rates and a condensed period of time. Unfortunately, new virus strains have started to […]