Were you at mRecruitingCamp 2012? (video montage)

A snippet of the mRecruitingCamp 2012

Were you at mRecruitingCamp 2012? Last month, I was fortunate enough to be the emcee at the mRecruitingCamp 2012. If you were not there, watch the video to see what you missed. Kudos to Michael Marlatt for producing such an awesome event!

Too Many Geezers? Companies Hire Young Workers to Change Brand

How Hiring Young Employees Changes Your Brand Perception

Harley-Davidson’s chief executive Keith Wandell, who took over in 2009, has been working on changing the company’s image in order to attract a new customer base. They are trying to get rid of the “Geezer Glider” image that Harley has in general. Everyone knows that Harley-Davidsons appeal to a large base of baby boomers and […]

How to Source, Hire, & Recruit Candidates on Instagram

How Recruiters Can Use Instragram to Source Candidates

Instragram.  It’s just for snapping, sharing and “love”-ing pictures, right?  Not anymore.The photo-sharing platform has done more than turn us all into photo-filtering addicts – its recent upgrade opened the door for recruiters to really hone in on potential candidates. e-Recruiting the Photo Sharing Way Instragram is a social media platform newcomer and now major […]

How to be a Better Innovator

Tips on being a better innovator

Someone wrote me the other day asking my opinion on HR and innovation. She said she did not see that HR had much room to innovate in today’s business world. I responded to her and I told her I thought there was room to be more innovative in HR. So here are some tips on being […]