How To Source Candidates on MySpace

Using MySpace to source passive candidates

How To Source Candidates on MySpace Once upon a time, MySpace was the social media darling of the internet before Facebook took over. Now, it seems that the bell is tolling for Facebook due to its ever-shrinking stock price. Its not unusual these days to read about the pending death knell of Facebook. Check out […]

PUSH: Productivity at Work: Part 1 – People

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PUSHing Your Peers to Being Productive at Work Think about the most effective folks at your job. Now, think about what they have in common: They probably get along well with people; they don’t get hung up on personal conflicts; they do excellent, high-quality work, and they don’t get stuck, because they PUSH through obstacles, […]

A Tip for Candid Conversations

Candidate Conversations Key Managerial Skill

Candidate Conversations Key Managerial Skill I was talking to a client and discussing the performance appraisal process. I mentioned one of the downfalls was that many supervisors are hesitant to be candid with employees and tell them the truth about their bad performance, not necessarily bad enough to fire them but bad enough to say […]

This Is How Lawsuits Begin…

Impoortance of training managers on how to give appropriate feedback

I received a call from a friend the other day who asked me a question about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). First I was surprised that he even knew what the FLSA was, most people don’t realize that the law that governs over time, independent contractors, etc is called FLSA. So my friend had […]