How To Source Candidates on MySpace

Using MySpace to source passive candidates

How To Source Candidates on MySpace

Once upon a time, MySpace was the social media darling of the internet before Facebook took over. Now, it seems that the bell is tolling for Facebook due to its ever-shrinking stock price. Its not unusual these days to read about the pending death knell of Facebook. Check out the article below as an example…

MySpace Sourcing
I was reading that article and musing over how I used to leverage MySpace to source leads for Microsoft. I don’t hear much about MySpace these days beyond it being a hub for bands and musical artists. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was in the top 5 of social media sites in terms of traffic. At least, according to eBiz. (Say what?)

I thought that was interesting and my eyebrows raised more than a little bit. If MySpace is still popular (at least, on some levels), would I still be able to source some passive candidates from it? Hmm… I did a search and again, I was surprised by what I found. When I did a search for software developers on MySpace, I found 18,200. (See below)

MySpace Sourcing
I played around with a few more job titles and found some interesting things here and there, but nothing near as much as I would find on LinkedIn. Then again, everybody is sourcing on LinkedIn, but how many are looking for leads on MySpace? Just a thought…

Who out there is still using MySpace to source passive candidates? I would LOVE to hear from you if so.


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  1. Brad says

    Wow! This makes me want to go back and update my MySpace page. I dont think I have visited it in YEARS! Thanks for sharing the awesome idea! I have been in sales and recruiting for 10 years now and thins would have NEVER occurred to me!


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