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PODCAST: Love and Unemployment

Dealing with Marital Relationships During Unemployment

During the National Urban League Conference in New Orleans, I attended a panel discussion called “Its a Love Thang.” (Find more details here: http://bit.ly/OuFksz) The content was very lively. I do hope that they share the entire discussion online soon. This is part of the discussion dealing with marital relationships during times of unemployment. Love […]

Happiness Is Leading Factor of Workplace Influence

How Happiness Impacts You at Work 

This article is Part 4 of an ongoing series on influence in work, life, and the workplace.  In Part 1, we discussed how someone is determined influential.  In Part 2, the subject of online social media and influence was discussed and how it is tragically misunderstood.  In Part 3, we discussed how and why to build professional influence.  How Happiness […]