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Is There A Long Term Unemployment Crisis?

Exploring the Long Term unemployment Crisis

Is There A Long Term Unemployment Crisis? By: Marilyn Katz What Is The Definition Of Long Term Unemployment? Long term unemployment describes a situation where a person has been without work for longer than 12 months. In my opinion, it is important to consider these numbers, and not just the unemployment figures that are all […]

Five Networking Rules of Engagement

Five Rules to Make You an Effective Business Networker

Business Networking Rules of Engagement There is a no lack of networking advice or tips out there in the blogsphere today. Additionally, you can buy any number of great books by authors such at Keith Ferrazzi and Harvey Mckay. But I have been networking for a long time as well, plus I have read all […]

A Bus Really Does Come Every 15 Minutes

Feedback Should Present Positive Outcomes

A Bus Really Does Come Every 15 Minutes ….And someone is always getting thrown under it. At least, that is the case everywhere I’ve worked. Hearing one person accuse another person of “throwing them under the bus” happens almost daily. And I’m over it! Listen up: Not everyone is going to like you or the […]