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Differentiate Yourself with a Twitter Video

Techniques for Getting Attention From Hiring Managers and Recruiters

Just finsished reading a blog post Titled “Make a Tweet Plan to Get the Most From Twitter” at http://www.twitip.com/make-a-tweet-plan-to-get-the-most-from-twitter/. The post is great and provides Tweeters ideas to create some structure while providing content to their Tweets. What I loved the most about this blog is the idea of creating a Welcome Tweet Video to […]

Running with Sissors (Auto DM)

Suggestions on Automatic Direct Messages

Door-to-door salesmen, junk mail, telemarketers, urgent recorded phone messages, and Viagra emails. Utter just one of these words to a family member of friend and chances are they will elicit words of anger, frustration, and just flat out negativity.  Automatic DM’s are no different.  There has been a great debate on Twitter ever since the […]