It’s a Digital World

Job Boards are Now Digital

Note to Job Seekers: It’s a Digital World Noticed recently the decline in good jobs listed in the newspaper. Ever wondered what happened? Newspapers are expensive. Small ads in the Dallas paper for a Sunday run $2,000 with no guarantee that any candidates will apply for a position. I ran a blind ad last year […]

What Not to Wear. . . for an interview

Do's and Don'ts When Dressing for An Interview

Ever watch that show, What Not to Wear? Generally, the same holds true in an interview with conservative being best when it comes to making an impression and not becoming the office joke. See below for some general do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing appropriately for the interview. What Not to Wear. . […]

6 Essential Job Interview Questions

Typical Interview Questions

How to Answer Interview Questions and Land That Job   Ever been stumped with a question while on an interview? Job seeekers need to prepare for the interview and spend time planning, practicing, and crafting their interview responses.  Hiring managers and recruiters look at the interview not only to determine personality, professionalism, and qualifications, but also culture […]