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  • HR Basics Series – 20+ articles on basic human resource functions from hiring, interviewing, compliance and other important HR topics designed for the small to medium business or new practitioner.
  • Immigration Resources – The election of President Trump has sent immigration in a tailspin like it wasn’t already confusion when it comes to immigration about HB-1 Visas and other global immigration issues.
  • LinkedIn Series – Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn is guaranteed to drive changes to the platform. We provide ongoing resources for job seeker, recruiters and business leaders.
  • Big Data Series – 30+ articles focused on the mystery behind big data and how it can be applied to human resources and recruiting.
  • Trends – This is an ongoing resource for trends we are spotting in the human capital industry and changes weekly with contributions from leading experts, consultants, practitioners and futurists.
  • Diversity – Resource that looks at the topic of diversity and inclusion includes resources when it comes to compliance, recruiting, and growing your workforce.
  • Workplace Etiquette – Our resident manners and etiquette expert provides a number of amazing resources and information for new as well as experienced leaders.
  • Policies – A collection of resources and information regarding workplace policies.


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