Turning the Tables: 6 Smart Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Interview questions for the hiring manager during a job interview:

All hiring managers are interested in the answers we get to the questions we pose during the job interview, but I’m also impressed when job candidates come with questions for me. For one thing, it tells me they’re prepared. They’ve thought about the company and the opportunity ahead of time. It also tells me they’re […]

How to Ace a Phone Interview in 10 Easy Steps

Ace Your Next Phone Interview: 10 Tips for Success

Phone interviews have become a common part of the hiring process. But the funny thing is that most job seekers seem to ignore them. Think about it: You spend hours writing the perfect resume, and you gnaw your fingernails to the quick stressing about your upcoming meeting with the hiring manager. But the phone interview? […]

What to Wear on a Job Interview: Do You Really Know What’s Right?

A Guide to Appropriate Interview Attire

What to Wear on a Job Interview A friend of mine is a manager at a Silicon Valley firm who recently added a new member to his team. During the hiring process, he was shocked to see one job seeker show up for the interview in jeans and a T-shirt. My friend’s workplace is pretty […]

Should You Give a Potential Employer Your Social Media Passwords?

Managing Social Media for Job Searches

As businesses of all sizes become more active on the different social media venues, the boundaries between personal and work-related use are occasionally blurred. It’s not at all uncommon for potential employers to want to see a job candidate’s social media profiles. After all, the reputation a person has built for him or herself through […]

Do Your Homework with Pre-Interview Research

The Importance of Company, Industry, People and Position Research for Job Candidates

Do Your Homework with Pre-Interview Research Hiring managers and recruiters expect candidates to have done their homework! You have an opportunity to impress them, whether applying for an internship or a job. It has never been easier to become knowledgeable and informed. Company Research: You will need to understand what the company or organization does […]

4 Reasons No One Will Tell You Why You Can’t Find a Job

Factors keeping you from finding a job

I was reminded again of the frustration that job seekers face for a number of reasons when a husband of a job seeker sent me an email this week.  His wife has a three year job gap because she was taking care of their children.  She’s applied for a number of jobs over the last […]