Progressive Discipline As Model for Honesty

progressive discipline as a model for honesty

Progressive discipline. You may not know the term but you know the system: three strikes and you’re out. The progressive discipline model, in which employees receive a series of documented warnings before penalties can be enacted against them, sets out clear guidelines for employees and supervisors for discipline, performance improvement and a paper trail for […]

Managing Coworkers Who Don’t Get Along

disagreement, workplace adversity, workplace turmoil, employee productivity

How to Manage Co-Workers Who Don’t Get Along With all the time we spend at work, it is no surprise that conflicts sometimes arise between coworkers. As managers or HR professionals, we often find ourselves trying to sort out squabbles and keep the peace at work. Encouraging an environment of respect and civility and being […]

Designing an Engaging Workplace Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment, Workplace, Training, Policy

When I recently brought up mandatory harassment training for supervisory employees in my workplace, I heard people say, “Didn’t I just do that last year?” I knew that I was going to be facing a tough crowd when I did my presentations. Even I was doubtful I’d be able to provide an engaging presentation. I’ve […]

How to Calculate Employee Turnover

employee turnover, turnover, metrics

Check out more great resources with our HR Basics Series.  In a perfect world, your recruiting would net you the perfect candidates. They would develop into valuable employees, and separations would happen at the end of a productive and successful career. In today’s more fluid workplace, this rarely happens. So, knowing how to calculate employee […]

9 Skip Level Interview Questions

What is a Skip Level Meeting (Interview)? Skip levels interviews are one on one meetings between a senior leader and employee. The leader meeting with the employee is the boss of the employee’s boss.I think it’s a great way to establish a relationship with teams and keep the employee communication lines open. We all have […]