Harassment Investigations: What Comes Next?

harassment investigations what comes next

With the rise of #metoo and #timesup, HR offices are ensuring more and better training to staff on harassment and what do to if you are harassed, or see harassment. With more training comes more complaints, which is good. It’s what you want. You want people to report harassment. We talk a lot about this […]

Employee Orientation Is Day One and Nothing More

employee orientation, employment orientation, new hire orientation newhire orientation

Not too long ago Shelly Wallace Johnson wrote a great post on on-boarding. Today, I’d like to focus on one piece of employee onboarding, orientation. Orientation. It’s the worst day of your job, right? Employee orientation brings forth memories of boring policies and procedures, filling out payroll paperwork, your new hires sitting in a room watching […]

Bullying & Harassment at Work

In the #metoo movement, we are seeing more talk about what is bullying and what is harassment. Unfortunately, only one of these is against the law. Bullying, while not against the law, is still something that needs to be investigated and is behavior that needs to stop. However, many times, situations are identified as bullying […]

It’s Hard to Speak Up at Work

it's hard to speak up about conflicts at work

In light of the #metoo movement, one thing I continue to see is people admonishing victims for not speaking up sooner. It’s the ultimate defense: if it was so bad, why didn’t you speak up sooner? The thought is that we are all just that comfortable with speaking up against someone higher up or even […]

Five Ways to Find Your Tribe with Social Media

five ways to find your tribe on social media

There is something comforting about returning to a place where you felt like you belong. I recently had the opportunity to return to Denver/Boulder area. I spent most of my 20s in this area. This is where I found a great group of folks who let me be myself and I was able to truly […]

Two Stories About Building Trust

two stories about building trust

Ask and you shall receive! As I continue on the journey to look at building trust at work, I wanted to hear from those I trust for their ideas. So naturally, I turned to Twitter & my #HRTribe (all answers are below the stories). Most of what they said was similar boiling down to 4 […]