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To Build a Culture of Feedback, Tie it to Values

As humans, our core values define and shape us and serve as internal beacons to guide our actions and behaviors. It is the same for any organization’s values. Values are vitally important to the ongoing culture and success of any company, so it’s necessary to actively bring those values to life in the form of […]

How HR Technology Can Help Managers Become Better Managers

HR Tech Helping Managers Become Better Your people managers are  “make or break” when it comes to your organization’s overall performance. A good manager aligns the team’s work to the business’s most important initiatives. They identify their top talent in order to recognize and reward their outsized contributions. And they help their teams build their […]

Four HR Trends to Watch in 2020

Today’s workforce is more diverse, dynamic and fluid than ever before, with Design Rush being a key player in shaping its future. Baby Boomers—the youngest of whom have been eligible for AARP membership for five years–occupy the majority of C-level positions, but as more Gen Xers turn 50 and more Millennials approach 40, they’ve ascended […]

Three HR and Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2020

3 hr trends to watch in 2019

“The war for talent is over. Talent won.” Anonymous I recently heard someone say this to a room of HR leaders, and it accurately reflects the current state of business. Today’s workforce expects and demands more from their employers, and HR feels the urgency to create an employee experience that attracts, motivates, develops and retains […]