How to Ensure Success in your First Month at Work

Start a new HR job? How to ensure success in your first month. I recently started with a new company and when I paused to think about what I learned and what helped me be successful in the first month, here’s what I found: – Take the time to learn the business. It’s so tempting […]

Are You Doing Recruitment Halfway?

I recently talked to a higher level candidate who has been job searching for months. He said the hardest and most frustrating part of the job search is trying to get that first conversation with the recruiter or HR. I speak with a lot of candidates who feel that if they are not working with […]

Insights from #SHRMLead 2018

Insights from #shrmlead 18

This year was my first year attending SHRM LDF, otherwise known as the SHRM Leadership Development Forum (#SHRMLead). The conference took place October 2nd and 3rd at the Sheraton Boston. I heard there were just over 400 attendees, which I thought was a great size because it was easy to network and have more intimate […]

Attention Recruiters and HR: You’re In the Relationship Business

relationship recruiting, candidate experience, relationship recruitment, candidate experience

I always have potential companies ask me, “Why should we go with you over another agency?” In my opinion, it’s not about the tools or the sources. It’s about the relationships. Finding the talent can be easy. It’s the getting them to work with you over another recruiter that can be challenging. This relationship is […]

How To Best Support New Hires

how to best support new hires

I put a question out into the universe a couple months ago asking HR pros what they would like to read more about. One of the responses I got was how to best support new hires and I love this topic! Even though I work in HR, I’ve been through very different ends of the […]

How HR Can Earn That Seat at the Table

How HR can earn that seat at the table

HR earning their “seat at the table” has been a hot topic for a while now. How will HR ever get to participate in business decisions and be seen as a valuable member of the leadership team? By being the HR person who demonstrates their value! Gaining credibility and building rapport across the business is […]