Translating Employees

Speaking the Employee Language

If you’ve ever heard of the book Men are From Mars, Women are Venus, then you know what I mean when I say that people sometimes speak two different languages. This got me to thinking about bosses and their employees. I’ve often had exit interviews where employees spilled their guts about the misdoings of their […]

Top Ten Tips & Don’ts When Searching for a Job

Learning From Our Mistakes When Searching For a Job

Resume Blunders and Interview No-no’s that have personally ticked us off, or were just all around a “bad idea.”  These are some “in real life” faux-pas that we had the joy of experiencing as a recruiter and job hunter ourselves.  It’s important to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others which is why we […]

Questions You Should Be Asking During a Job Interview

Helpful questions during an interview

If you’re a job seeker then you’ve hopefully had your fair share of job interviews.  While in them you’re given a barrage of question about your experience, education, and personality… And while you may be anxious and excited to “land” this position, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and looking for the […]

What You Need to Know About Inappropriate Interview Questions

Some Interview Questions Can Be Inappropriate

Some common questions I get from hiring managers are which questions you can “legally” ask and which ones you can’t.  Most are shocked when I say that you can legally ask any question… only to see disappointment on their face when I say “…you just can’t discriminate based on the answer, so it’s best not to ask.” What’s […]

Having a Lazy Employee Is Your Fault

How not to label employees as lazy

Dear Managers, I’m tired of you labeling your employee as a”lazy employee”  First off, it’s name-calling and in some cases (where it goes too far) it could be constituted as bullying.  Do you have an employee that’s not cutting the mustard?  Try out these tips below: Tip #1:  Stop Calling Them Lazy So maybe you’re not calling […]