Five Ways HR Can Help Support Expatriate Employees

As more companies expand globally, it’s important to understand not only the customs and culture of other countries, but also employment laws and practices for expatriate employees. An expatriate is an employee who is not locally employed, but who is transferred by the global organization and covered by a company relocation policy. For example, an […]

Annual Reviews vs. Continuous Approach to Performance

Four Lessons I Learned When my Company Replaced Annual Reviews with a Continuous Approach to Performance It’s been my experience that most executives feel performance reviews are a waste of time. They find the typical annual review process overly complex, inefficient and ineffective at actually improving performance. All they really want to know is what […]

Top 5 Learnings From the 2019-2020 Betterworks Continuous Performance Management Survey

For the past three years, Betterworks has conducted an annual State of Continuous Performance Management Survey. This year we surveyed 500 professionals, divided evenly between Human Resources and people managers in the US working for enterprises of 500+ employees across multiple industries. The past few years we’ve seen how more and more companies are moving […]