Ep 114 – How Gap Inc. Uses Virtual Reality in Recruiting & Hiring

virtual reality, VR, VR recruiting, VR hiring, virtual reality recruiting, virtual reality hiring

Experts estimate that the virtual reality and augmented reality market will be worth $120 billion by 2022. Earlier this year we had technology expert, Robert Scoble on the Workology Podcast who talked about how virtual reality could change workplace collaboration and training, but what about recruiting? Universities like Princeton are already using virtual reality as part of […]

Handling an Employee Resignation

resignation, employee retention, turnover

As the founder of Proven, a small business job board, I’ve fortunately not had to deal with too many employee resignations and none of them have been particularly sour departures, but it is an inevitable consequence of being a manager and business owner. It’s easy to have an emotional reaction and feelings of rejection when […]