This Election Season Americans Are Looking for Work… In Canada

When Americans are worried about their country they… fight for what they believe in, sure, but they also talk about moving to Canada. It’s practically an election season tradition. But this year, as the election draws nearer, American job searches in Canada have jumped 58%. Both Monster and LinkedIn have reported a surge in Americans looking for work […]

What Would HR Look Like In a Less Global World?

I teach certification classes at a local university. In a class this last week we covered the subject of HR in the global arena. There is a lot of emphasis placed on global awareness in the material for these certification classes. I read something in the October 31st issue of The New York Times that […]

Inspired by Hate

Hatefulness Unprofessionalism Those are hardly inspirational words, but they inspired this post. Recently, I concluded a workplace investigation that despite all the discriminatory allegations, counter claims, and retaliation complaints thrown around, what it boiled down to was there was a lot of hatefulness (feelings) and oodles of unprofessionalism (behavior). Hatefulness and unprofessionalism. They have no […]