The 7 Best Interview Questions On Cultural Fit

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A few years ago I interviewed a candidate for a software engineering position. The candidate passed all my technical interview questions with flying colors. As a result, we ended up hiring him. After about a month, it was quite clear that the candidate was not gelling with the team. He wanted to work irregular hours, […]

Measuring Recruiting’s Impact Beyond Source of Hire

Imagine you’re pulling ATS reports at the end of the fiscal year to help you decide on a wiser, more strategic budget for the next year. You arrange the data on the enormous spreadsheet in front of you as you take a look at it and start to consider where your hires come from. You […]

The Trust Equation (A Two-Way Street)

I am pretty much logic-based, so when someone presents a formula or equation for something, I start to look for the proof. An equation, or an equality, is an assertion that the information shown on one side of the equal sign is fully the same as the information on the other side. The Trust Equation […]