6 Shocking Job Search Statistics You Need to Know

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*This article has been updated as of March 2020. Our SXSW session was a huge hit, and we discussed some amazing myths and misconceptions job seekers often have about recruiters, social media, and the hiring process. While our SXSW presentation covered these topics in more detail, here are six of the biggest misconceptions that job […]

Emojis At Work: They’re Not the Enemy

Should you use emojis at work? Yes! Sometimes. If you feel like it. Maybe not with clients. 😰 The use of emojis in the workplace is, like emoticons and chat speak before them, one of those “generational divide” stand ins, something on which we can fix our frustrations about kids these days, or old people who […]

3 Vital Hiring Lessons from Training Horses

I had the opportunity to conduct a blog interview with Jerry Davis, recruiter for Adventist Health System, and he shared important lessons the equine world taught him about recruiting. He probably didn’t know it at the time, but when he took ownership of Jake the horse—a 18-time race-winning Thoroughbred—the equine world would make him a better […]