Recruiters, Not HR Tech Companies, Should Drive Innovation

The term “mobile apply” means the process by which a candidate may apply for a for a specific job opening through a company directly or via a career site, using their personal mobile or tablet device. When using these devices instead of a regular personal computer or laptop, candidates are restricted by the size of […]

LinkedIn Groups Get a Makeover: What it Means to You

LinkedIn Groups has been sorely in need of a major facelift. Many LinkedIn Groups have deteriorated in value so the timing is perfect for this renovation, which is open for business today. The time is also right for you to evaluate your goals and presence in your LinkedIn Groups. Here are the major changes announced […]

Workplace Safety Depends on Relationships

“It is not unsafe work conditions that we should worry about, it is unsafe behavior.” Safety It is often the red-headed stepchild of Human Resource programs, and for those organizations who aren’t knee deep in OSHA, CFRs and Safety Manuals, safety is typically something to be whispered about, like cancer or adultery. (Be honest, you just […]