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Candidate Empowerment Is the Next Phase of Candidate Experience (Part 1)

Want to learn more about candidate experience 2.0? Register for our webinar on April 30th  from 1:00-2:00 EST and watch for part two of this series to see practical ways to empower candidates next week!  The candidate experience is something that many companies have been working to perfect over the last several years. It’s a relatively new […]

How to Find Disabled Adults Through an Employment Agency

What happens when an employment agency or nonprofit calls your company inquiring about your disability hiring practices? What do you say: are you truthful about your hiring policies or do you disregard the application? There are many benefits to hiring people with disabilities- from the added tax incentives to increased morale in the office; there are […]

Tight Job Market Expected Until 2017 #shrmtalent #ere15

Tight Job Market Remains Until 2017 Over the last 12 months, the U.S. economy has averaged new job creation of nearly 700,000 with our March 2015 unemployment numbers of at 5.5 percent. Our economy has not experienced unemployment numbers at these low levels since May 2008. At present, the American business need for qualified workers […]