The Future of HR Requires a New Skill Set & Competency

The field of HR is not really ready for the future. For that matter many businesses are not ready for the future according to one futurist. But in my opinion HR departments in particular are not ready for the future and we are doing little about it. The Future of HR Requires a New Skill […]

HR Quick Fixes for Small Businesses

HR is a field full of complicated regulations and requirements. This is why companies rely on HR departments to keep things in check; however, small businesses may not have the luxury of a full HR department. For the person responsible for handling the HR needs of a small business, fixing issues and making adjustments to […]

Manner Monday: Business Etiquette

Manner Monday: Business Etiquette Every Monday Blogging4Jobs invites our resident Etiquette Expert, CareySue Vega (@Etiquette101), to share tips when it comes to etiquette in the workplace during our own Manner Monday segment. This segment is for the practitioner who is focused on creating a more etiquette-friendly environment.  Q – “How do you deal with people […]