10 Reasons Why I Love Being an HR Professional

Someone recently asked me how I ended up in human resources and why I like it. I’ll save that story for another time but its no secret that HR choose me, not the other way around. It really gave me pause this week to think about why HR keeps me excited and engaged. I thought […]

Winning the Candidate Experience By Leading With Your Heart

Most people will balk at the idea of leading with your heart in the workplace.  This is always perceived as being “nice” or “weak” approach to getting things done.  The traditional practice used by most managers and leaders is to stay in the brain, isolating all emotions from decisions. Millions of people will be celebrating […]

Who Owns HR Tech? Is It IT or HR?

Everyday, more and more technology is being integrated into society, our personal lives and our jobs. We are past the point of no return. One thing is for certain; technology will continue to become a bigger part of nearly every aspect of our lives. As HR professionals in the workplace, HR technology is one of […]

Caleb Fullhart Named as Newest Member of TalentCircles Executive Team #hrtech

San Bruno, CA – TalentCircles© Inc., a leading talent community and candidate relationship management platform and technology, today announced the addition of Human Capital industry veteran, Caleb Fullhart, to its executive leadership team. Fullhart joins the company as the Senior Vice President of Best Practices and Professional Services, and will be responsible for developing and […]